Only 10 days left

till the 3rd Annual Latin American Bloggers Conference begins here in beautiful Merida, Yucatan, Mexico.

We are so looking forward to renewing old acquaintances, 
and to meeting new friends.  
We feel like we know so many of you already from reading your blogs, but look forward to the face to face contact.

See you Soon!


Leslie Limon said...

How exciting! I'm sure everyone is going to have a great time! And I am hoping to read all about it! :)

The Pickled Onion said...

Please can you put my name on your list thanks Valerie

Theresa in Mexico said...

Leslie, Maybe next year you can hold the next conference? I want to go to Jalisco!

Valerie, I see that Debi has already added you. Can you please send me an email at theresainmexico at gmail dot com? I want to add you to the mailing list but don't have your address.


Alinde OMalley said...

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