Conference recap

The 3rd Annual Latin American Bloggers Conference occurred this past weekend.  The coordination team of Joanna van der Gracht de Rosado, Theresa Diaz Grey, and Debi Kuhn were all aided by family and friends.

The event started with a no-host Social at the Merida English Language Library (MELL).  It was a great success with re-acquainting old friendships, and forging new and stronger ties.


 Saturday started off with coffee and pastries as we visited and got set up for a full day of seminars.

The morning started with Theresa helping us identify the focus of our blogs and giving us tips on how to stay on focus.     

Then Steve enlightened us on copyright law and internet ethics. 

Marc helped us understand how to build and support our blog stories through the addition of photos.  He also gave us tips on photo point of view.  All Very interesting!   

Then we were off for lunch.

The afternoon continued with Joanna giving us helpful hints and tips on writing for our audience. 


We concluded with 2 moderated workshops; Jonna focused on Wordpress, and Debi led the Blogger group.

The participants went off in varying groups for evening entertainments, and then regrouped on Sunday for brunch, after which the participants again went off for more adventures in Merida and surrounds.

 The feedback has been positive - I know I for one enjoyed the event, the people, and the presentations.  And as always I learned a lot!   I think others enjoyed it as well.

I, and others are wondering who will pick up the 4the Annual Latin American Bloggers Conference!  We look forward.



Debbie said...

Thanks, organizers. I really enjoyed meeting you and the other bloggers - some who I'd been following for a long time, and some newly discovered. Workshops were great and I'm newly inspired. Hope to meet again soon.

Barb said...

Thanks for a great conference, ladies. It was a huge pleasure and honour to meet everyone.

Nancy said...

It's good to see something about the conference. I know everyone is just now catching up, but it seemed like nobody had much to say. Thanks for the photos.

Steve Cotton said...

Let me add my thanks to Theresa, Debbi, and Johanna. You did a great job of putting this together. It was a great event.

Paul said...

Debi, what a good summary with great photos. Thanks for everyone's efforts.

Meet the Family said...

wish I could have attended this! im just down the street. Looks like it was very informative