The 2010 Latin American Bloggers' Conference is alive and well

The 2010 Latin American Bloggers' Conference is alive and well and

ready to run in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico.

The first event is the "Meet the Bloggers" evening to be held Friday

November 12th, 7 pm at the Merida English Language Library, calle 53 between 66 and 68.

This is an opportunity for everyone to get to know one another. Those who follow

the participants' blogs are also welcome to attend. There will be a

cash bar and snacks. Anyone who would like to bring a "botana" is most

welcome to do so.

Saturday, we'll meet at the conference venue. The college Tecnología

Turística Total (TTT) on Calle 57 #492 Between 56 y 58

Centro has wireless internet , so bring your laptops...

Begin your day at 9 am with coffee and croissants.

The program will actually begin at10am.

_ _ _ _ _ _

10-1045 Keeping Your Blog's Focus;
 Are you fulfilling your blogging goals, do you have a focus/niche?

11-1145 Internet Ethics and copyright issues

12 -1245pm: Photography, supporting your blog with photos

Lunch at "Las Vigas", upstairs at Los Arcos Hotel, Calle 63 Between 62 & 64

1500 - 1545 Writing for Bloggers

1600 - 1700 Moderated Discussion/Workshops; On both Wordpress,  and Blogger

For Saturday evening there a a variety of events happenig in Merida:
 Noche Mexicana,
En el Corazon de Merida (In the Heart of Merida)
be sure to visit both Yucatan Living  and Yucatan Today frequently for current events

Sunday at 10 am, we'll meet for a buffet breakfast at "El Gran Cafe"

at the foot of Paseo de Montejo.

Many other activities will be taking place over the weekend... these

are also mentioned on this Blog.

Please let us know if you need any further information. We have about

20 bloggers joining us... it's going to be fun!

Debi, Joanna and Theresa


Ron said...

Kathy and I are 13 days from flying into Cancun. So much to do :)

The first 5 nights we will be on the Caribbean side and then 8 nights in Merida, arriving on the 9th. We've rented a house this time, not far from MEL, I am told.

We are looking forward to seeing those of you we have already met again, and to meeting new folks.

Back to the grindstone now. I'll need to write a blog this weekend, between walking for research, taking stuff to Goodwill, making a reservation at the airport Holiday Inn where we can part our car for free, and other trip prep things.

2ericc said...

Help! I can't find the door to the registrar's office!

(We will attend the mixer at MELL Friday night, 11/12. If I need to register beforehand to attend the conference, please let me know.)


Theresa in Mexico said...

Ron, I have been away. It's going to be fun!

2ericc, we will see you there! If you are coming to the conference then email me @ theresainmexico at gmail dot com and I will add you and your blog to the list!


Rainie said...

Will there be beginners workshop?

Theresa in Mexico said...

Since we're all at different places as bloggers for such a small group it would be hard to divide up by experience level. We tried to have the topics be relevant to everyone regardless of length of time blogging. This way we can learn from one another. That is the whole idea of having the workshops instead of just doing social stuff. The social stuff is equally important.
We tried to have a balance between learning and social time, so we have 3 organized social things and 3 (maybe 4) workshops with the last one being about the mechanics of blogging divided into 2 groups by blogging platform.

Anonymous said...

Is there a list of workshops and presentors yet? Will there be anything for beginners?
Rainie Bowie

Anonymous said...

Just ignore my last post please.:-)