Orquestra Sinfónica de Yucatán, and Art in November

During the Bloggers Conference this year the Orquestra Sinfónica de Yucatán will still be performing. 

If you are so inclined on Sunday, November 14 at noon you will be able to attend a performance of this fabulous symphony

Even if you are a so, so symphony fan you should attend just to sit inside and view the Peón Contreras Theatre,  It really is a fabulously beautiful space.

Just another fun thing to do while here in Merida!

Oh Yeah - as you enter the Theatre if you go to your left there is the Galería del Vestíbulo del Teatro Peón Contreras.  You sort of have to know about it, and now you do.  You will typically find an art installation of some sort there!

I just came across this link of Art Exhibitions for the 2010 Season by ArtesVisualesYucatán
Looks like some pretty cool stuff will be going on!

These are exciting times!


Ron said...

Do you think the Sunday Performance will be sold out if we wait until we arrive to seek tickets?

Theresa in Mexico said...

Ron, please don't feel ignored, but I don't know the answer.I was hoping someone who gets out more would answer the question! People here don't always plan ahead so my gut feeling is that there will be a ticket or two left. You might want to ask on Yolisto.

Ron said...

Thanks Theresa!

I do not feel ignored :). I think this blog may be more active as things get closer to the date.

If tickets are available they will be, if not they will not be.

All is good :)

Tom and Debi said...

Ron, I went up to the sinfonica last night, 8pm and got a ticket for the 9pm performance. No problem, lots of tickets available in a variety of seating/price levels.

Anonymous said...

Is this blogger thing going to happen.

I am having my doubts.

It is fine with me if it does not, but seems like someone oughta awaken this seemingly dead site :)

Joanna said...

Hi Ron,

Joanna here... the Bloggers' Conference is alive and well and just shy of a month away. The program is listed on the site and all events are lined up. We look forward to seeing you the "Meet the Bloggers" event Friday November 12th at 7 pm at the Merida English Language Library / Calle 53Between 66 & 68 at 7 pm. Let us know if you have any special needs.