The Morning after..

It is the morning after the 4th Annual Bloggers Conference - I am not going to post about the Conference other than to say it was well attended, well received, and I for one got quite a bit out of it.  Not the least of which were meeting some new people who I am hoping to see again.

Please keep your eyes on the Blog Roll to see what attendees are saying about the event and their lives and interests.

Thanks again to the Conference Committee; Barry, Debi,  Joanna, Jonna, Marc, and Theresa.

And especially to our presenters and panelists - Marc, Barry, Stan, Brent, Cathy, Rainie, Nancy, Lee, and Barb.

And to all the attendees - Thank you.

debi, for the Committee


Anonymous said...

Hi Debi,

I'm invisible! Both my blogs are now gone from the conference site.

This morning I put up a post about driving thru eastern Mexico to get to Merida, here:

MeridaGOround.com (click READ MORE to view photos)

Thanks in advance for getting me back in view.


Theresa in Mèrida said...

Ericc, I see your blog on the list. It must of been a hick-up.