The Days events

Barry, and Marc will start our day and present info on using photos, type, and text in blogging

A good portion of the morning will be in the form of an interactive Panel Discussion.   
The Panel et al is about Why We Blog.  
We blog for many reasons, and the panelists will each talk about an aspect of blogging as it seems to relate to their blog.

Bring your questions on these topics for our Panelists response

Cathy will be answering your questions about How to Make Money with your blog. She can also help us with increasing our readership/hits. 
Nancy  will talk about how she uses her blogging and writing to help promote recognition of both Mazatlan, and Mexico.

Barb will be discussing her blogs focus of blogging to keep family and friends up to date on their progress, and the process. 

Brent and Stan will tell us about how they have been following the renovation process of their house.

Lee has been blogging about Becoming Expats in the Yucatan.

Jonna will help us focus our rants and venting while still being respectful.

and Rainie will tell us how she is using her blog to offer advice, and to help promote her upcoming book.

The afternoon breakout sessions will be separate moderated discussions on both Blogger/Blogspot, and Wordpress.  Bring both your knowledge to share, and your questions

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